Image analysis services

  • Created by scientists and located at the University Rovira i Virgili, image analysis platform combines scientific understanding of underlying processes and modern computer technologies, including artificial intelligence / machine learning techniques.
  • Scientific background allows us to provide complex research-intensive solutions in combination with advanced image analysis.
  • Looking for long-term collaborations with Universities imaging platforms to complement imaging services with a module of AI image analysis.
  • Open for collaborations as a partner for grant applications in projects in Health, in particular, EU Horizon 2020 calls in the field of digital transformation in health and care, predictive toxicology, digital diagnostics, etc.

Automatic cell counting

T1 cells in matrigel are detected (red dots) and their number is counted despite ovelapping of cells.

before after

Tissue segmentation

Azafan staining and subsequent tissue segmentation.

Influenza virus example

Detection of infected by influenza virus cells (brown) and healthy cells (red)

Grouping into clusters of cells affected by a virus (blue) and healthy cells (red) 

before after
before after

Parasite detection

Parasite (acida) is automatically detected and distinguished from bubbles and dirt

Histopathology slides segmentation

Tumor cells and blood vessels are segmented based on their staining.

before after

Nanostructured surfaces analysis

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) reveals how black silicon (BSi) flexible nanopillars cluster together in vacuum. Neural network has detected individual (non-clustered) pillars (red) and separated from clusters of pillars (blue). Coordinates of pillars and pair correlation function of pillar positions was calculated.  

Personalized approach

Each client has a personalized quote and work plan. The algorithms may be tuned and ajusted to the needs of the clients.

Flexible prices

The prices are determined case-by-case taking into account the exact requirements of a client and complexity of the required work. 

Big data and massive computation

Our servers are ready for computationally intensive jobs to process big data taking advantage of power of modern GPUs and artificial intelligence.

Scientific problems

We are open for unexplored scientific problems that can be solved by massive analysis of images using machine learning techniques.

Check also our services for image analysis in macro world:

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