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Episenses Microscopy

Microscopy imaging solutions powered by cutting edge machine learning techniques


Digital histopathology, predictive toxicology, cell biology 

Based at Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Episenses Microscopy provides unique expertise in scientific image analysis. Our methods include proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms able to detect, count, segment user-defined objects automatically. Emerging areas of informed digital pathology, digital diagnostics lead to digital transformation in health and care, where neural networks, machine learning may play a crucial role in helping pathologists, biologists and clinicians to process big amouts of data.  We search for computer-intensive scientific projects requiring analysis of big data.

Our aim is to become a leader IT company providing unique Image Analysis service applied to broad range of microscopy techniques.

Check also our services for image analysis in macro world:

Episenses drone


Fundació URV,
Av. Paisos Catalans 18
43007 Tarragona, Spain


e-mail: [email protected]
tel: +34 6 44448558