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Tentative prices

Contact us for a personalized quote

Batch cell counting in bright field images5-10€/imageweek
Training of a neural network for feature extraction200€/hourweek
Automatic segmentation of images using neural network5-10€/imageweek
Feature extraction from images using neural network5-10€/imageweek
Data storage on a dedicated NAS 100€/1Tb/monthimmediately
Conversion of files between microscope formatscontact usday
3D reconstruction/stitching of mosaic images200€/hourweek

The prices are very approximate and depend on the size of the images and the size and structure of image database as well as urgency of the service Contact us to determine prices for your images.

Personalized approach

Each client has a personalized quote and work plan. The algorithms may be tuned and ajusted to the needs of the clients.

Flexible prices

The prices are determined case-by-case taking into account the exact requirements of a client and complexity of the required work. 

Big data and massive computation

Our servers are ready for computationally intensive jobs to process big data taking advantage of power of modern GPUs and artificial intelligence.

Scientific problems

We are open for unexplored scientific problems that can be solved by massive analysis of images using machine learning techniques.

Check also our services for image analysis in macro world:

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